iGame GeForce RTX 4080 SUPER Advanced OC 16GB-V | A0954


Feature Highlights:

Gravity RimA redesigned version of the iGame Energy Core that creates a mysterious black hole effect.

Meteorite Backplate: A sturdy metal backplate that reduces PCB flexing. An intricate iGame grille design is added to the backplate’s hollow back to add aesthetics.

Hollow Back Panel: A hollow back panel design that allows airflow to freely pass-through the heatsink. This design greatly improves heat dissipation compared to conventional GPU air cooling designs.

Hurricane Scythe Blades: New fan blade design that delivers superior airflow compared to the previous-generation Storm Chaser fan design. The Advanced Series uses a triple-fan cooler design with a larger central fan with Gravity Rim.

One-Key Overclock: A conveniently placed button located at the rear I/O that activates overclocking function for a quick and easy performance boost without opening software.

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