B250 Mining motherboard


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Processor: Supports for LGA 1151 series cpus, such as generation 6 or 7
Chipset: Uses Intel B250 high-speed chipset
Display chip: Integrates Intel HD Graphics core Graphics card
Display output: HDMI-Compatible/12*USB3.0 to PCI-E16X
Network: 1*RTL8111F GIGABit nic chip
Storage: 4 x SATA disk ports
BIOS: AMI 64Mb Flash ROM
Power supply type: Supports ATX 24P+ATX 4P
Socket Type: for LGA 1151
Supported MEMORY types: DDR4(2133/240/2600)
Storage port type: SATA disk port; MSATA
Back interface: P/S keyboard and mouse, HDMI-Compatible USB2.0 2,USB3.0 2,RJ45 1
Onboard network function: 100 MB
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